The World Sign Spinning Championship 2015 has now come and gone, leaving great memories in the minds of everybody who attended.

Las Vegas was flaming with all the amazing sign spinners. This year, we were very lucky to share our 4-day event with spinners from Croatia, Korea, Mexico, Paris, Peru… totally international!

From February 26th to the 28th each of the spinners had a chance to show what they had in the 3 rounds were our 3 judges awarded them up to 30 points in Technical, Execution and Style.

Without a doubt, Mr. Laramie Rosenfeld from Phoenix, Arizona killed it in his final rounds, earning the title of World Sign Spinning Champion for the second year since 2007. Mr. Rico El-lis, won second while Mr. Jacob Mitchell took the third place home. Such awe-inspiring performances left us wanting even more sign spinning!

Also, we got a dose of a great team choreography brought to us by Team Mexico. Alan González and Alfredo Medina gave us a taste of what a little bit of practice and lots of imagination can do when you mix an aarrow and two people.

After the group comp, the Trick of the Year contest began, and… OMG! Did Mr. Theo Davis wow us or what? His perfect mastery of the “Jay Park Flip 2” was plain incredible.

When the tournament was over, we retired to the Gold Diggers to have the award ceremony, where Mr. Laramie received his price along with 500 dollar gift cards from our sponsor, Zappos! Mr. El-lis got the second price, and won the “Iron Spinner” Award too. Jacob Mitchell got the third place award.

Larry Fuller took the “MVP of the Year” Award; Justin Betsche got the “Most Improved” Award; Erik Argote the “Spinstructor of the Year”; Jose “Mucho” Angeles won the “Spinners Choice” Award; “Rookie of the year” was awarded to Juan Garcia; and “Best Smile” was taken by Keaton Broderick.

For the second year running, Mr. Ira “Bud” Bong won the “Managers Competition”, showing the other managers what awesome is. “Market of the year” was taken by Los Angeles for the great year they had. “Account Manager of the Year” was won by Michael Patterson, and he also won the “Dynamic Duo” Award along with Carlos Sachitano. And Mr. Bryan Sanchez took “General Manager of the Year”.

So after a case study were all managers got to work together in different roles, a tour around the Zappos company, and some awesome sign spinning, we can’t wait for what the WSSC 2016 will bring!


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