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Guardian Capital

Guardian Capital is a real estate company in San Diego. They normally do single family units but every once in a while when they are feeling a bit wacky, they like to try their hand at Multi Unit lots.
Thus came Canyon Ridge, the community we spin (maybe 'spun' at this point) for.
It started as 10 units that were not getting a single piece of traffic on the weekends, even after using some 'useless' sign holding company. It just so happens though that the sales/marketing manager remembered us from her old Khov days at Bella Lago in Chula Vista. She called me up late on a thursday, we got her 2 spinners that very weekend and they saw about 10 cars on Saturday and 8 on Sunday.
From 0-18 in one weekend is a huge improvement. She said to keep the amazing service coming- and we did.

"Top notch group of guys. I have worked with Mike Wright before when I worked with Khovnanian and would not of been happy if he was not still with the company. Great Job!!! When I am done selling these homes I hope to start a new project and will definitely use AArrow again"

Maria Reams
Guardian Capital, Canyon Ridge Homes.

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